Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our activities, sponsorships, and other processes. If you need specific help or your question isn’t answered here, feel free to Contact Us.


Over 90% of the money that P2P raises goes directly to spending on the program in Nicaragua that supports various general and educational needs that children have.

Immersion/Service Trips

No. You’ll probably wish you did but all you really need is an open heart and open mind. Someone who speaks Spanish will be with your group at all times.
No. We have a construction supervisor on the worksite who is there to help and oversee the work. And there are plenty of jobs to do, both big and small.

Child Sponsorship

Yes, we will forward your letter to your child’s facilitator to print and share with your sponsored child. We do not have a formal letter-exchange program as this is very costly to do. However, we are very happy to receive and translate any letters that you may occasionally write. You can send your letters to
For the sake of other children in the program, who may not have a sponsor, we do not encourage gifts to individual children. It can be hurtful and create feelings of jealousy, which would be the exact opposite of your intention! What we encourage instead is a special gift that can bring joy to more than one child.
Yes. If your child has an urgent medical need or is going off to college and in need of a decent computer, we will let you know. Also, if you are coming to Nicaragua on an Immersion Trip or for any other reason, you will be able to meet your sponsored child and can bring a small gift at that time.
Special gifts are those that benefit not only your sponsored child, but a whole group of kids. Here are some of the things our donors have done or can do: books for our library at the Children’s Center – books will be purchased locally and be inscribed with your name and date of donation if you wish; an excursion to the zoo or nature reserve for group of children – this would include bus rental and cost of admission at the Zoológico Nacional de Nicaragua or the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve; a trip downtown Managua to see live theatre – perhaps a puppet show, a play or concert; a pizza party at our Children’s Centre, to celebrate High School graduation for example; or, a new or refurbished computer for our Children’s Center, purchased locally. Special gifts not only enrich and bring joy to the kids, they also contribute to supporting the local economy which is so important in a developing country.
No. We ask for your commitment for one year, but we value and appreciate any length of your sponsorship, understanding that a long-term commitment isn’t always easy.
No, you can choose your own payment schedule. Some people pay annually, some prefer to pay quarterly, and some monthly.
Don’t worry. All you’ve done has been gratefully received and your child will not lose her or his scholarship because of it.