Below are the 2020 4th Quarter results for the Pathway Program students in Managua and Leon, with all averages calculated using core-curriculum courses only:


Newsletter - November 2020


Ninety students started and finished the 2020 school year in the Pathway Program with three graduates who are moving on to university studies in 2021


Nine Pathway students were either 1st or 2nd in their class


Thirty-four is the average class size for our Pathway students


Sixty-one Pathway scholars achieved outstanding averages of 90% or more


Fifty-two of our 90 students are in the top 10 in their class


Twenty-seven of our 90 students were in the top 5 in their class


Sixty-eight of our 90 students Pathway students were in the top half of their class


Eighty-five of our 90 Pathway students achieved a grade average of 80% or better

The 4th quarter classes and our tutoring help were held entirely online due to Covid-19. This continued to pose a significant challenge for many of our students and their parents who had to continually scramble to maintain or acquire outdated or non-existent electronic devices, secure internet access and all this in the midst of large numbers of work-related layoffs and genuine concern for the health and safety of their loved ones. These results are a tribute to our students and their families who persevered against overwhelming odds to continue their quest for academic excellence and a more secure future.

Holistic Approach

The Pathway to Change Program operates on the premise that in order to be successful, it is critical to have the support of the children's parents.

Pathway to Change employs staff whose job it is to support each family through weekly home visits. They take books for the children and encourage the parents to read to them. These visits are crucial in enabling program directors to know of any problems the family is having that directly affect the well-being of the children, and where they may be able to assist, such as the loss of a job, illness, or domestic violence. 

In addition to weekly home visits, monthly group meetings are held to maintain good relationships and open communication with the children's families. At these meetings, small group discussions on relevant issues affecting their children are often held and occasionally there is a guest speaker. More than anything, these meetings show the commitment parents have to the program and their willingness to make their child's education a priority. 

The program also includes opportunities for the children to grow and develop their talents in areas that interest them such as dance, music and art.  Being proficient in English is a key enabler in Managua, and the children attend English classes on the weekends.


They know that Pathway to Change is helping them break through the financial barriers that have traditionally denied them access to a good education, and they are proud to have their kids in the program.

Featured Student: Mauro

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