Full Scholarship - $2,100

Help change the life of a child in Managua by fully sponsoring their education.  For an annual commitment of $2,100 (or $175 per month) the entire educational needs of a child will be covered.  This includes the costs of tuition, uniform, books and school supplies, along with transportation to and from school and meals.


With Ed and Barb on the ground in Managua you will receive regular updates on your sponsored child’s progress and general well-being.   


We welcome individual or group sponsors. We currently have 21 students fully supported by Canadian families or groups.


Donations can be made on line or cheques can be mailed to:


Pathway to Progress Nicaragua,

P.O.Box 27092, Halifax, NS   

B3H 1N0



Click the document button for information on the full breakdown of the program costs.

Whats For Breakfast? - $15/month

Is good nutrition important for good learning?


In a word, yes. Educators have recognized the link between nutrition and learning for years, and a growing body of research supports the premise that children who are well-fed learn better than poorly nourished children. 


Breakfast is considered by many to be the most important meal of the day. A child who regularly eats breakfast scores better on tests, has better behaviour and is more able to concentrate in class.

Our breakfast program is necessary to ensure our kids do not go to school hungry.



You can provide a child with a high-protein breakfast and nutritious mid-morning snack with a gift of $15 / month.

Help Me Get To School On Time - $25/month

Children living in poverty in Nicaragua walk to their local public schools.


The high quality schools that we send our children to are not within walking distance of where our children live. So in order to ensure that the children get to school safely and on time we arrange bus transportation with a local company to take the children to and from school.


Providing school transportation is a major financial commitment of the Pathway to Change Program but experience has taught us that it is well worth the investment.



Our children are rarely ever late for school and arrive clean and fresh, like their middle-class peers.


We also arrange transportation for any of our children involved in extracurricular activities outside of regular school hours.


You can provide a child with transportation to and from school and contribute to the cost of travel costs for extracurricular activities with a gift of $25/month.

Book Bag Basics - $35/month

While most children in Nicaragua have book bags, it’s estimated that 80% of them go to school without any books at all.


The teacher is often the only one in the classroom with a textbook and writes the lesson on the board for the students to copy in their notebooks.


It is because of conditions such as these that Pathway to Progress is providing access to private school education for the disadvantaged children we serve - schools where curriculum is not limited by the lack of books and where adequate resources exist for sports, music and science/computer technology; all necessary for a good education.



You can provide a child with textbooks, school supplies and contribute to the cost of tuition at a good school with a gift of $ 35 /month.

We are open to all ideas and suggestions and would love to hear from you!


If you would like to run your ideas by us or would like more information on how to get involved, please send us an email.