"There is no better exercise for your heart than... helping to lift someone up."
Bernard Meltzer

Sponsor a child's education

By sponsoring a child’s education at a good quality school or university, you provide bright kids with an opportunity to succeed in life and to contribute in a meaningful way to their communities. 

Besides sponsoring the entire school education needs of one child, we offer university sponsorships for children that made it through the school program. 


Donations make a huge difference for the well-being of each child. Currently, through our CanadaHelps page, we gratefully accept donations for virtual classroom support and pandemic food support, which are both vitality important at this time.



Whether you are an individual wanting a memorable way to give back during your free time, part of a local service group, or an existing child sponsor, we would love to have you join our small team of volunteers. 

Thanks to the creativity of so many people, we have been able to create some virtual volunteer experiences that have been fun and very meaningful for the children, their families, and the volunteers themselves. These include online weekly workout sessions, English tutoring, and health education conferences.