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Newsletter - November 2020

Our Mission

Pathway to Progress Nicaragua is dedicated to supporting an innovative program in Nicaragua that provides educational opportunities for Nicaragua's most vulnerable sector: children and youth living in poverty.

 Breakfast of Hope

Annual Breakfast of Hope - November 20, 2018

The Annual Breakfast of Hope event was held Tuesday, November 20, 2018.  Nicaraguan student Ashley del Carmen Castro was excited to travel to Halifax and tell her story about the Pathway Program and how it has enriched her life and the life of her family.    Ed and Barbara Dunsworth were both in attendance and provided an update on the Program and the current situation in Nicaragua.  

Letter from Ashley, 2018 Student Speaker
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Watch Ashley's speech...

3 Points Aviation, a leader in the supply of aircraft parts, has been a strong supporter

of Pathway to Progress Nicaragua for years.  The company generously acts as sponsor to Idalio, providing annual contributions to fund Idalio's education.  Pictured to the right are 3 Points

representatives, Eric Richards, far left, and Leo Druken, second from the left, who attended the 2017 breakfast and had the opportunity to meet , for the first time, the young man they have been supporting for years.  Also pictured along with Idalio are Ed Dunsworth and Jolene Mahody.

You too can change a life. To find out how you or your company can sponsor a child, please email us at


Our Values

We are an organization based on the tradition of Christian social justice, which welcomes the engagement and participation of all people.


We believe that quality education provides a path that can break the cycle of poverty by building confident, contributing citizens who can build better communities over time.


We are a results-focused charity, accountable and transparent to our stakeholders for our actions.


We believe in the synergies of working in partnerships to fulfill our Mission.


What We Do

Pathway to Progress Nicaragua raises money to provide ongoing financial and family support to dozens of children living in poverty in Managua, Nicaragua.


We are enabling them to attend middle-class private schools from kindergarten to the end of high school through an innovative program called Pathway to Change.


Pathway to Change is a program of Hand in Hand Ministries ( that we support in the fight against child poverty. 


Over 95% of the money that  P2P raises goes directly to spending on this program in Nicaragua.


We are giving students the chance for real academic success, and families living in poverty the hope of a better future for their children.


Our deepest hope for all of them is that they will grow into responsible well-informed adults who can make a positive contribution to their country.

Poverty In Nicaragua

Anyone who has ever visited Nicaragua will always remember the thousands of children's smiles. However, the grim reality is that too many of these children live in conditions that are beyond the comprehension of the average North American… conditions that fall far short of a decent place to live, nutritious food to eat, adequate medical care, and access to a good education. Nicaragua is now the poorest country in Central America.






- average per capita income in Nicaragua is estimated at $430, less than $2 a day


- $2,800 is spent annually per capita on education - in comparison, Canada spends $38,200 annually per capita, fully 13 ½ times more


- Nicaragua has 2.1 million children of school age


- while 90% of children enrol in primary school, only 50% make it through the sixth grade


- 40% of those in school have no desks and must either stand or sit on the floor.


- 80% of students have no textbooks






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Archpielago Solentiname


Pathway to Progress Nicaragua is a partner of Hand in Hand Ministries:

The Breakfast of Hope is P2P’s biggest fundraiser and 16-year-old Ashley came prepared to deliver! Her warmth, her enthusiasm and her engaging personality shone through in every encounter she had in Halifax, from painting ceramics at the Clay Café to spending a day at Sacred Heart School, to seeing her first snowfall and eating pancakes with maple syrup, and speaking before an audience of 150 people at the Westin Hotel! 

She writes:

My experience in Canada was magical. I lived new things every day and met new people who were always attentive to me and taught me about their way of life. I feel grateful to have lived those beautiful moments with those great people. 

I especially want to thank Dr. Peggy Yhap, whom I call ‘’Miss Peggy’’ for her hospitality and for every moment when we laughed… and there were many! And of course the climate! I have to mention the climate because I was freezing! 

Seriously though, the trip was an experience that opened my eyes to thinking about many things in a different way. It not only helped me to practice my English, but I learned, big time, that working hard pays off. Before I left Managua, I worked hard on memorizing my speech and on practicing my pronunciation. In the end, it was so worth it. I felt so blessed to share with other people about my life and my dreams for the future.

Last but not least, I want to thank Mr. Ed and Miss Barbara for this incredible experience because, without them, I would never have been able to live it.

With love,